Baltheraq the Light

Gold Dragonborn Paladin


Baltheraq the Light, Beacon of Tymanther

“Why is it you cower darkling? It seems fear is the only god which has yet to abandon you. Your will bends before the might of Bahamut, your body consumed in his radiance.”

Hatched the son of Lord Daardendrian Zaredax, Daardendrian Baltheraq was brought into Toril with the highest of expectations. His father Zaredax rules clan Daardendrian with iron resolve. Their clan is powerful and well-known, one of the most prominent in Tymanther. Baltheraq was groomed to one-day rule the militant clan, and lead the next generation to further honor and glory.

As a clutchling and adolescent, Baltheraq lived the life set before him as a noble, and heir. His early days were ones of both discipline and privilege – tireless study of battle, war, politics, and history. He was mentored by the best tutors gold and diplomacy could buy. His time was spent studying under dragonborn knights, elven wise-men, dwarven historians, and human priests. Not one day sat idle, not one moment wasted on mediocrity.

He spent his 11th-14th years as squire to Sir Throrjun the Flame. At face value, Throrjun was the model warrior of clan Daardendrian – physically gifted, intelligent, wise, and charismatic. However, on the battlefield the elder Dragon Knight was cold, unbending, and unapologetically logical.

Baltheraq would attend to his mentor during training in the yard, parlaying at political functions, and defending the clan lands and surrounding areas. During Baltheraq’s 14th year, a local community was ravaged by a group of marauding Ogres. The monsters had been murdering and looting any traffic they caught on the main road; often victims were being captured, stored and consumed as livestock.

Sir Throrjun and his squire were sent to route the evil band. While driving the Ogres from their lair, a fire spread throughout the cave. Baltheraq was ordered to stay by Throrjun’s side, to assist in the fight against the hardy foes. As the fire spread and the battle drew on, Baltheraq heard cries of death and desperation. The captives were trapped, and burning alive. Throrjun forbade his squire from breaking off to help the “damned peasants”. They had the Ogres on the run; they needed to pursue them further into the depths to ensure their eradication.

Baltheraq had never been overly pious, although in that moment Bahamut, the Dragon God of Good appeared to him. In a few seconds, his life’s path was revealed in a blinding flash of light. He would protect the small folk, now, and for forever. He split off from the master knight, they could finish the ogres another day. With steely determination Baltheraq was able to free the captives and escort them to the surface.

From that point forward Bahamut became his mentor, his guide, his lord, his God. Throrjun renounced him as a squire, “Unruly and noncompliant.” Were words mentioned in the report to the high council of Daardendrian. At first Zaredax was gravely disappointed with his son’s decision, but once Baltheraq’s potential as a disciple and holy warrior of Bahamut came to the fore, his true calling could not be denied.

He was the brightest young warrior fighting for the temple, a soldier of light, and a champion of the people. He was of pure heart and high birth, of sound mind and solid foundation. At seventeen he began a pilgrimage of charity and combat – traveling up and down the Sword Coast helping the weak, sick, and wounded, routing out darkness and evil where possible.

By virtue of his prominent birth and tireless pursuit of perfection, the young inexperienced Paladin made a minor name for himself among the small folk of the coast. He made relationships, often working with other young adventurers with like minds. As a result of his exploits he received an invitation to join the Order of the Gauntlet. It was not soon after that he received a second letter, a summons. This message was from Father Derryn of Greenest, a priest and former tutor. The message demanded haste, and conveyed a sense of urgency. Baltheraq told his small group of companions that he needed to leave right away; oddly enough they too had business to the south – To Greenest!

Baltheraq the Light

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