Chaplain Osric the Resurrected, Forgesmith of Moradin

A grizzled War Veteran of the Goblin Wars



Chaplain Osric the Resurrected, Forgesmith of Moradin’s Story

Aye, even ole’ Osric ‘ere was a young pup once. Twas me own time ta serve back during the goblin wars. When that basa of a goblin king, Gorkill <spits>, he decides that the deeps is no longer good enough for he an’ his and that the whole body of em would make their way up into the light. Well, unfortunately for he an his ilk, we Dwarves stood in ‘es way. I was just an acolyte when the first wave hit. It hit us hard, unexpectedly, and everywhere at once. The Guard couldn’a hold em on their own for long, despite the Grand Walls. King Thorodin needed an army ta push them greenskins back. So, the King called, an we answered. Every able bodied Dwarf stood ta arms. We had all trained for it, every Dwarf a Hammersman an all of that. And I would become Chaplain Osric that day.

Was during the first push out from the city that it happened. I ‘ad locked shields with me mates and we’d marched forth to pushed em back inta their hidey-holes. They’d ‘ad an Ogre in reserve, we knew. An’ they set it on us during the initial push, as we knew they would, an’ we were ready. I was ready, at least I believed I was ready. When you see some 35 stone of mean commin twords ya like an avalanche its a different world it is. The beast seemed to lock ‘is dull beady eyes on me. Like I was the only Dwarf there. It rushed forward, Crossbow bolts peppering it from the walls, barely slowing it down. I canna tell ya that I wasn’t ascared, I canna tell ya that. But I can tell ya that I held true, an called to me brothers to do the same.

Oh, the beast held forth a great club of stone. T’was a beautiful thing actually, with veins of Serpentine running through the Granite an growths of Emerald juttin’ out here an there. Seemed as I had all day ta study the thing before it hit. But hit it did, an’ it hit me. I felt weightless as the blow was struck, half the world goin black as the other half raced about slowly. The screams an’ battle cries fading away. An then, nothing but black an quiet fer what seemed as a long, long time. But then I heard His voice, booming from the dark, not so much loud as it was deep, an everywhere as well. “You are the first to fall this day, young Osric” He said, “but one day, you will stand again.” “Sleep now, youngling, for it is not yet your time.” I awoke in the Temple, in a soft bed, with my wounds bound. I remember, the world looked odd, flat. Despite all their efforts the healers couldn’a save me eye. T’was a miracle that I had survived me injuries at all they had said and I knew that they were right.

It took many years ‘till I could walk without a limp in me step, an several more yet ’till I truly felt that the loss of me eye didna hinder me any longer. But all through the time I was joyful, fer I was living a Gift, a Gift from Him that I would not squander. I ministered to the flock and taught them Moradin’s word. For some 20 years I served Him in this way. Forgesmith I had been named by then. The caretaker of the Temple and master of rights. I could even perform small miracles myself then and I knew that it was time. For Moradin had not lifted me up from that field of battle simply ta preach his word to my brethren, as worthy as task as that may be. No, I had known for many long years that I was struck and placed in His forge for something more. It was than that I set forth, out into the world so that I might find those who would bring Moradin’s children harm and do unto them, before they might do unto us.

Chaplain Osric the Resurrected, Forgesmith of Moradin

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