Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Session I

Travel to Greenest

Our band of adventures arrived at Greenest to find it under attack from a Blue Dragon! Leaping into action they scouted out the village and found it overrun by cultists and kobolds pillaging and ransacking.

After separating and dispatching some of the kobolds away from a larger group they came across a burning 2 story building with a women and 3 children trapped inside. Baltheraq swiftly climbed up the side of the building with complete disregard for his own safety. Meanwhile on the first floor Orich used his mighty great axe to clear a path into the lower rooms. After rescuing the mother and children their job wasn’t finished yet and the youngest, not even a season old, was unconscious and need immediate medical aid. Osric called out to Moradin for guidance and saved the infants life.


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