Cult of the Dragon

Cult_of_the_Dragon.jpgSome faiths hold that dragons are destined to rule the world, but the Cult of the Dragon takes such beliefs to an extreme: Only undead dragons are truly immortal and deserve that role. The cult helps fate along by inf luencing dragons to become dracoliches, which the cult refers to as Sacred Ones. Cultists idolize dragons as nearly divine, and more than a few dragons take up the cult’s offer of immortality.

Highly secretive, the Cult of the Dragon maintains a loosely connected web of autonomous cells. Its beliefs and methods are frowned upon in most civilized areas. Therefore, the cult commonly uses fronts and dupes to divert attention from its real goals.

Religion Knowledge

The Cult of the Dragon has an active recruiting process, accepting initiates from a young age. An initiate trains for months or years before gaining any rank within the organization and many trainees don’t survive the tests. An initiate who passes the tests must choose an affinity to a particular color of dragon: black, blue, green, red, or white. He or she is then welcomed into the ranks as a dragonclaw.

The higher ranks of the cult, in ascending order are dragonclaw, dragonwing, dragonfang, dragonsoul, and wyrmspeaker. There are only five wyrmspeakers, one for each color of dragon.

Most of the cult’s operations are overseen by local leaders called Wearers of Purple for the ceremonial robes that they wear. All of the wyrmspeaker are Wearers of Purple, as are lower-ranking cultists appointed by the wyrmspeakers to preside over cult enclaves.

Cult of the Dragon

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