When bartering for goods and services no longer meets the needs of commerce, the people of the Realms turn to using precious metals and gems.


Copper: Copper coins are known as coppers, copper pieces, or, in Cormyr, copper “thumbs”. Sembia issues a square iron coin called the steelpense which is similar in value to the copper. In the south, Amn mints copper fanders and Calimshan produces copper unarches, radas, niftens, and spanners.

Silver: Silver coins are known as silvers and silver pieces. Cormyan silvers are known as falcons and Sembian silver coins are triangular and called hawks. The two coins are used interchangeably. Amn produces silver tarans and Calimshan makes decarches, espedrilles, and the ochre-tinted red worm of Memnon. Red worms are cast from silver and then coated with a dye.

Electrum: Electrum coins are not as popular and gold, silver, and copper, but do exist and are commonly called blue eyes throughout the heartlands of the Realms. Cormyan eyes are round, Sembia’s electrums are diamond-shaped. Amn produces electrum centaurs and Calimshan has tazos and zonths. The electrum moon of Silverymoon is an exception, being worth 1ep throughout the Realms but double that in the Silver Marches.

Gold: Gold coins are the most common coin used by adventurers and are often called golden lions although only the coins of Cormyr are stamped with the figure of a lion. Sembian gold coin designs vary from year to year but are always a distinguishing five-sided shape. Amn mints the gold danter.

Platinum: Platinum coins are called tricrowns, plats, or pearls (in particular the Southern versions, which are officially named roldons).


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