House Rules

This campaign is being run using Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition See: Basic Rules & House Rules

House Rules

House rules replace any existing rule in any of the three core DnD 5e books.


Inspiration is a rule the Dungeon Master can use to reward you for playing your character in a way that’s true to his or her personality traits, ideal, bond, and flaw. By using inspiration, you can draw on your personality trait of compassion for the downtrodden to give you an edge in negotiating with the Beggar Prince. Or inspiration can let you call on your bond to the defense of your home village to push past the effect of a spell that has been laid on you.

Gaining Inspiration

At the start of each play session you will receive 1 Inspiration, you are a hero after all. Your DM can choose to give you inspiration for a variety of reasons. Typically, DMs award it when you play out your personality traits, give in to the drawbacks presented by a flaw or bond, and otherwise portray your character in a compelling way. Your DM will tell you how you can earn inspiration in the game. However, you may never have more than 3 inspiration at anyone time.

Using Inspiration

A player can spend an Inspiration point whenever he or she makes an attack roll, saving throw (including Death Save), or ability check gaining one of the following benefits:

  • Advantage: before rolling you can spend an inspiration point to gain advantage on your roll.

  • Heroic Effort: after rolling, but before the outcome of the roll is determined, you can spend an inspiration point to roll a d6 and add it to the d20, possibly turning a failed roll into a success.

A player can only spend 1 inspiration point per d20 roll.

Additionally, if you have inspiration, you can reward another player for good roleplaying, clever thinking, or simply doing something exciting in the game. When another player character does something that really contributes to the story in a fun and interesting way, you can give up your inspiration to give that character inspiration.

Healer’s Kit

This kit is a leather pouch containing bandages, salves, and splints. The kit has ten uses. You can expend one use of the kit to again Advantage on your skill check when you use your action to administer first aid to an unconscious creature and attempt to stabilize it, which requires a successful DC10 Wisdom (Medicine) check.

Also, during a Short Rest, you can expend one use of the kit making a DC15 Medicine (Wisdom) check on any creature spending Hit Dice during that short rest. If successful the creature may reroll a number of Hit Dice up to the users Wisdom modifier. The creature can not reroll more times than Hit Dice spent during the short rest and must use use the new roll even if it’s lower. The creature can’t gain this benefit again until it finishes a short or long rest.

House Rules

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