The All-Father forged the dwarf people from gems and precious metals in a furnace at the heart of the world, and imbued them with unflagging courage and a tireless work ethic. He is the undisputed King of Dwarfhome, where he leads the Moradinsamman, a fiercely loyal cadre of gods and exarchs. His faithful wife Berronar Truesilver is most often found at his side.

Virtually incapable of compromise, stern and unforgiving, Moradin is a tireless champion of dwarven values, unafraid even in the face of other deities. More than once the Moradinsamman have marched across the cosmos at the command of their king.

Priests of Moradin are drawn from the finest dwarven clans. They inspire their comrades to stand firm against insurmountable odds. Their ability to invoke a battle frenzy in their fellow dwarves is renowned.

Different clans develop their own traditions and days of holy obligation. When dwarves take to their “holy water” (what a human would call a very good pint of beer), drunken arguments over who’s more in their deity’s favor invariably lead to a little goodnatured brawling.

Title: The Soul Forger
Alignment: Lawful Good
Power: Greater God
Influence: Creation, Dwarves, Metalcraft, Protection, Smithing, Stonework
Symbol: Soul Forge Anvil
Dominion: Dwarfhome
Worshipers: Dwarven Defenders, dwarves, engineers, fighters, miners, smiths
Suggested Domains: Knowledge


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