The Calendar of Harptos

The Calendar of Harptos

The Calendar of Harptos is the calendar used in nearly all of Faerûn. It was created by the wizard Harptos although most people associate the word ‘Harptos’ with the calendar. Years are split into twelve months, each lasting three tendays (or thirty days). There were an additional five days that fell between months, bringing the total number of days in most years to 365.

The Roll of Years

Years (commonly called winters) are referred to by names, each name consistent across the Realms. Each kingdom or city-state numbers years differently, usually to measure the reign of a dynasty or the current monarch, or since the founding of the country. The result is a hodgepodge of overlapping numbers that serve to confuse the ordinary person and frustrate the sage. Dale Reckoning (DR) is used on this page.

Augathra the Mad wrote a comprehensive list of the names of the years from -422 DR to what will be 1600 DR (the Year of Unseen Enemies), although it is widely believed that the roll of years was created by Alaundo of Candlekeep. Because some of the names of the years went missing, Alaundo replaced these with his own choices. Supposedly, the names given the years are prophecies made by Alaundo as to the most significant event of that year.

The current year is 1489 DR, or the Year of the Warrior Princess.

Months and Festivals

  1. Hammer (Deepwinter)

  2. Alturiak (The Claw of Winter or The Claws of the Cold)

  3. Ches (The Claw of the Sunsets)

    • Spring Equinox on Ches 18

  4. Tarsakh (The Claw of the Storms)

  5. Mirtul (The Melting)

  6. Kythorn (The Time of Flowers)

    • Summer Solstice on Kythorn 20

  7. Flamerule (Summertide)

    • Midsummer between Flamerule 30 and Eleasias 1

    • Once every 4 years, Shieldmeet occurs the day after Midsummer

  8. Eleasias (Highsun)

  9. Eleint (The Fading)

    • Autumn Equinox on Eleint 21

    • Highharvestide between Eleint 30 and Marpenoth 1

  10. Marpenoth (Leafall)

  11. Uktar (The Rotting)

  12. Nightal (The Drawing Down)

    • Winter Solstice on Nightal 20

The Calendar of Harptos

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